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KILIÇKESMEZ GIDA, which has a background of half a century, was founded in 1965 as a family company. In 1992, it acquired its first production facility with 400 m2 closed and 600 m2 open area. And today, it has taken place in the food sector with daily 20 tons of peanut production, 100 tons of peeling, 15 tons of roasting capacity at its production plant of 8000 m2 that 3000 m2 is closed and 5000 m2 is an open area.

KILIÇKESMEZ GIDA, which makes production with the latest technology devices and professional team, has succeeded in making production in fully stainless steel machines without any touch as a result of the research-development studies it performed. Through this system it developed, the products are being presented to the markets in vacuumed packages by producing both in more hygienic and more natural form.

KILIÇKESMEZ, one of the sought-after suppliers in the domestic market for nuts, dried food and spices, has started to become one of the sought-after suppliers in Europe and the Middle East with its activities of export to abroad. KILIÇKESMEZ GIDA, is moving rapidly in the path of branding. It also presents its products to the markets under the name of IBOFOOD, it uses as a second brand.